Our Curates and Rectors from 1606

From Wardell's History of Yarm pages 46 and 45

"Yarm Church was served by the Augustinian Canons of Guisborough Prior before the Reformation, so we can expect no list of incumbents. Since the reformation, the list of curates appointed by the Archbishop of York is scanty until the extant parish records begin, the few names before 1653 being supplied by Dr J.S.Purvis from the recodfs at York. Several of the appointed curates held other livings and were not resident, their place at Yarm being taken by sub-curates appointed and paid by them; some of the sub-curates wre also masters of the Grammar School. It was because of applications made to the Ecclesiastical Commissioners between 1864 and 1866 by the incumbent, the Rev. John Winpenny, that the Yarm living was endowed with a tithe rent charge and glebe house formerly in the possession of the Archbishop, and was declared a rectory. The living consisted solely of a tithe rent charge of £265 10s 0d (£265.50) plus interest on the above sale"

Curates of Yarm

William Borrett

Curate before 1606, called late curate in 1607

Leonard Walker

Curate from 1606 to 1609, or perhaps longer

Robert Smithson

Curate in 1613

Thomas Smith

Curate from 1631 to 1649

Christopher Thompson

Appointed 1653 Commonwealth Intruder appointment

Richard Bradley

Appointed 1658 Commonwealth Intruder appointment

Thomas Smith

Re-instated 1660, died 1663

Francis Ourd

Appointed 1665

Edward Waters A.M.

Appointed 1669, died 1696

John Marsh

Appointed 1696, died 1697

Daniel Oughton

Appointed 1697, went to Whitby 1699

John Bever

Appointed 1699, resigned 1700

Thomas Burton

Appointed 1700, went to Halifax 1712

Thomas Perrott

Appointed 1712, went to York 1724

Edward Abbot

Appointed 1724, died 1725

Henry Bradley

Appointed 1725, went to Axhome, Lincs 1737

John Hopkinson A.M.

Appointed 1737, died 1794

Thomas Dixon

Appointed 1794, died 1797

William Hall A.M.

Appointed 1797, resigned 1832

William Wharton

Appointed 1832, resigned 1837

William F Wharton M.A.

Appointed 1837, resigned 1840; son of the above

John Winpenny

Appointed 1840, vicar 1865 and first rector 1866

Rectors of Yarm

John Winpenny

Instituted 1866, resigned 1895

Vernon Geoffrey Daltry

Instituted 1895, died 1901

Arthur Garmondsway Waldy M.A.

Instituted 1901, died 1915

Wilbert Abernethy Evers Austen

Instituted 1915, resigned 1918

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George Barnsley M.A.

Instituted 1919, resigned 1930

Gerald Healey

Instituted 1930, resigned 1943

Christopher H. B. Barker M.A.

Instituted 1943, resigned 1974

Gordon Clifford Birch R.D., M.A.

Instituted 1974, resigned 1984

David (William) Smith

Instituted 1985, went to Whitby 2000

Brian (Simon) Gurd B.A.

Instituted 2000, retired 2010

William (John) Ford

Instituted 2012, retired 2020