Gravestones and memorials in our Church

Information about gravestones in our churchyard, which is now only used for the internment of cremated remains. It was used for burials until the 19th May 1885, with the exception of the area formerly occupied by Yarm Grammar School. Burials in that area continued until 24th November 1891, when the churchyard was closed to all burials with the exception of certain relatives namely widows, widowers, parents and unmarried children.

Burials after these date would have been in Yarm Town Cemetery, operated by Yarm Town Council.

The following is a map we have of gravestone locations in our churchyard. There will eventually be an index to each numbered stone.

Meanwhile there are two on-line sites with details of burials in our churchyard and also memorial stones in our church, which may be of interest to anyone researching family history of Yarm families.

The gravestone photograph database which holds record and photographs of nearly 300 gravestones and memorials in our churchyard and church. The link will take you to their information about our church, but you can also find information about neightbouring churchyards.

The billion graves database which holds records about nearly 70 gravestones in our churchyard, it has a gps map showing where each gravestone is located in the churchyard.

The following may also be of help

Burial records for funerals in our church from 1855 through to 1907 (a 42Mb pdf file)

Burial records for funerals in our church from 1907 to 1998  (a 38Mb pdf file)